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Purple + Ivory Spring Wedding

Ferrari_051615_-45a Ferrari_051615_-45b Ferrari_051615_-45ba           Ferrari_051615_-45bc

Ferrari_051615_-45d Ferrari_051615_-45xFerrari_051615_-45y  Ferrari_051615_-45w Ferrari_051615_-45o Ferrari_051615_-45m Ferrari_051615_-45l Ferrari_051615_-45k Ferrari_051615_-45j Ferrari_051615_-45i Ferrari_051615_-45h Ferrari_051615_-45g Ferrari_051615_-45e


Ferrari_051615_-45bd Ferrari_051615_-45be   Ferrari_051615_-45bh Ferrari_051615_-45bi Ferrari_051615_-45bj Ferrari_051615_-45bk Ferrari_051615_-45bl Ferrari_051615_-45bm Ferrari_051615_-45bn Ferrari_051615_-45bo Ferrari_051615_-45bp Ferrari_051615_-45bq Ferrari_051615_-45br Ferrari_051615_-45bs Ferrari_051615_-45bt

Ferrari_051615_-45bu Ferrari_051615_-45bv Ferrari_051615_-45bw Ferrari_051615_-45bx Ferrari_051615_-45by Ferrari_051615_-45bz Ferrari_051615_-45c Ferrari_051615_-45ca Ferrari_051615_-45cb Ferrari_051615_-45cc Ferrari_051615_-45cd Ferrari_051615_-45ce Ferrari_051615_-45cf Ferrari_051615_-45cg Ferrari_051615_-45ch Ferrari_051615_-45ci Ferrari_051615_-45cj Ferrari_051615_-45ck Ferrari_051615_-45cl Ferrari_051615_-45cm Ferrari_051615_-45cn Ferrari_051615_-45co Ferrari_051615_-45cp Ferrari_051615_-45cq Ferrari_051615_-45cr Ferrari_051615_-45cs Ferrari_051615_-45ct Ferrari_051615_-45cu Ferrari_051615_-45cv Ferrari_051615_-45cw Ferrari_051615_-45cx Ferrari_051615_-45cy

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Hilton Head Destination Wedding | Aaron and Jenna

South Carolina Wedding_MG_8220_MG_8229_MG_8265_MG_8196_MG_8211_MG_8138_MG_8405










_MG_7462_MG_7784_MG_7863_MG_7914_MG_7277_MG_7285_MG_7353_MG_7238_MG_7264_MG_7219_MG_7179_MG_8860_MG_8814_MG_8812_MG_8810_MG_8809_MG_8507_MG_8398_MG_8300_MG_8197_MG_8146_MG_8160_MG_8158_MG_7917Hilton Head Destination WeddingHilton Head Destination Wedding_MG_8845_MG_8854_MG_8924_MG_8959_MG_8987_MG_9026



Summer Marina Market Wedding

061314_4251061314_5130061314_5124061314_4836061314_5120061314_5116061314_5094061314_5057061314_4107 061314_4247061314_4298 061314_4377061314_4449 061314_4457 061314_4459 061314_4519 061314_4532061314_4873 061314_4886 061314_4896 061314_4926061314_5193

Photography | Christina Shields Photography
Ceremony | Lock Wall One Marina
Reception | Marty’s Market

Pittsburgh Summer Engagement Shoot | Ashley + Alex

Davis_CSP_0036Christina Shields Photography Davis_CSP_0011 Davis_CSP_0031 Davis_CSP_0033Davis_CSP_0038 Davis_CSP_0042 Davis_CSP_0043 Davis_CSP_0052 Davis_CSP_0054 Davis_CSP_0056 Davis_CSP_0075 Davis_CSP_0077 Davis_CSP_0082 Davis_CSP_0084 Davis_CSP_0085 Davis_CSP_0090 Davis_CSP_0093 Davis_CSP_0101 Davis_CSP_0107 Davis_CSP_0118 Davis_CSP_0121 Davis_CSP_0122 Davis_CSP_0138 Davis_CSP_0140 Davis_CSP_0142 Davis_CSP_0143

Romantic Spring Country Club Wedding

This early Spring stunner epitomizes classic style in every way possible. From the prestigious Oakmont Country Club venue, to the Bride, the tux and everything in between. Not to mention, I was lucky to have met these High School sweethearts since the inception of their relationship. This gallery is hard to beat! Congratulations Emily and Kenny! xo

Emily_Bock_comp 050314_1673 050314_1672 050314_1667 050314_1659 050314_1650 050314_1600 050314_1595 050314_1587 050314_1580 050314_1576 050314_1571 050314_1544_1 050314_1534 050314_1523_1 050314_1505 050314_1503 050314_1495 050314_1493 050314_1485 050314_1450 050314_1433 050314_1426 050314_1423 050314_1420 050314_1416 050314_1406 050314_1404 050314_1397 050314_1367 050314_1358 copy copy 050314_1187 050314_1184 050314_1138 050314_1130 050314_1120 050314_0871 050314_0845 050314_0819 050314_0782 050314_0758 050314_0747 050314_0715 2014_05_03_9999_1996 2014_05_03_9999_1951 2014_05_03_9999_1837 2014_05_03_9999_1721 2014_05_03_9999_1715 2014_05_03_9999_1644 2014_05_03_9999_1632 2014_05_03_9999_1561 2014_05_03_9999_1377 2014_05_03_9999_1357 2014_05_03_9999_1341 2014_05_03_9999_1338 2014_05_03_9999_1318 2014_05_03_9999_1316 2014_05_03_9999_1310 2014_05_03_9999_1119 2014_05_03_9999_915 2014_05_03_9999_907 2014_05_03_9999_843 2014_05_03_9999_830 2014_05_03_9999_814 2014_05_03_9999_803 2014_05_03_9999_713 2014_05_03_9999_380 2014_05_03_9999_210 2014_05_03_9999_202 2014_05_03_9999_142 2014_05_03_9999_123 2014_05_03_9999_81 2014_05_03_9999_28 2014_05_03_9999_20 2014_05_03_9999_14 2014_05_03_9999_3 2014_05_03_9999_1

Photography | Christina Shields Photography
Photographer #2 | Katelyn Rose Photography
Hair/Makeup | Allison Roth Studio
Flowers | Z Florist
Reception | Oakmont Country Club

Free People’s BLDG25 | Behind The Scenes

Free People’s BLDG25 | Behind The Scenes.

Free People’s BLDG25 | Behind The Scenes

A few weeks ago, I visited the Free People Home Office in Philadelphia to do an exclusive photoshoot for NYC based blog, The Style Line. I had the chance to work with their very own BLDG25’s talented blogging team, Julia, Brigette and Jana for a style story and a bit about their perspective on romance and freedom.

The office was as incredible as you could imagine. Brilliant colors, soft natural light, all in an open, stylish atmosphere. I could not have been happier to work with this brand for the first time. Below is the myself, the crew, and the fun that went behind it. Special thank you to Samantha May for taking these photos!

©SamanthaMay ©SamanthaMay ©SamanthaMay ©SamanthaMay ©SamanthaMay ©SamanthaMay ©SamanthaMay ©SamanthaMay ©SamanthaMay ©SamanthaMay ©SamanthaMay ©SamanthaMay ©SamanthaMay ©SamanthaMay ©SamanthaMay

Spring Trend | Blush + Ivory

This spring is about being romantic. Look for ivories and blushes in your spring’s wardrobe color pallette!

Shot for Fashionista Barista


Photography Intern | Samantha May

I’m so excited to introduce my amazing and talented intern, Samantha May! For her first day in the studio with me, I decided to put her in front of the camera. It was the perfect wait to get acquainted, and we had so much fun while doing so!

Samantha May, Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Photography |

Where are you from?

I am originally from Youngstown, Ohio.

What camera do you use?

I shoot with a Nikon D800 camera, and I use a variety of lenses depending on the look I am going for while shooting portraits and fashion, which are my two favorite types of photography.

How would you describe your style of photography?

My photographs are stylized in a simple manner, and I love pops of color.

Who is your favorite photographer?

Annie Leibovitz is one of my favorite photographers, her unique approach is very inspiring.

What are you most looking forward to with this internship?

I am very excited to be working with Christina to learn more about the business and art of photography while also getting hands on experience in the industry.

Where is your favorite place to go in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is a great city to be learning in, and one of my favorite places to go here is the Southside, where there are many hidden gems to explore.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I want to spend my career traveling the world!

Who is your dream client?

My dream is to one day have my work featured in Vogue!

To learn more about Samantha, visit her website

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